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The Isosceles

Event hosted by The Volaré Project and the RHS Flight Club.

Main entrance doors open at 12:30 pm.
Snacks and beverages are served at 12:30 followed by our first ever drone race!

View today's event schedule below.

Air Share

Tell us about your recent experience. Give your pilot a rating. Help us improve The Volaré Project.


Classroom XP

Give us some feedback on your drone experience in the classroom.

Activity or Club Supervisors!
(coming 2017/18)

School Activity XP

Tell us about your experience from the drone services you requested.

(coming 2017/18)

School Project XP

How was your experience incorporating drones into your project? Let us know how we can improve.

(coming 2017/18)

Outside Our Walls XP

Give us feedback about your experience with the Volaré Project.

Enroll in the SOAR training program

Teachers and students can become “school pilots” for The Volaré Project. Using easy-to-operate drones, cadets can begin flying in a controlled space from day one of their training. Enroll today for the next session.