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The Volaré Project

Integrating drones within education environments. Giving students an innovative perspective to learning while giving teachers an innovative approach to teaching.
The Volaré Project is brought to you by the Innovation in Education grant awarded by the Sioux Falls Public Schools Education Foundation.


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Drones in Education

by the Argus Leader

Each semester, the RHS Flight Club hosts an event to raise funds and boost enrollment.

Our Humble Beginning

by South Dakota Public Broadcasting

Hear coverage of our 2017/18 first semester event Winter Canyon.

The Volaré Project IN THE NEWS!

See the impact a drone program can bring your school.

Air Share

Tell us about your recent experience. Give your pilot a rating. Help us improve The Volaré Project.


Classroom XP

Give us some feedback on your drone experience in the classroom.

Activity or Club Supervisors!

School Activity XP

Tell us about your experience from the drone services you requested.


School Project XP

How was your experience incorporating drones into your project? Let us know how we can improve.


Outside Our Walls XP

Give us feedback about your experience with the Volaré Project.

Enroll in the ASCEND training program

Teachers and students can become “school pilots” for The Volaré Project.

Using easy-to-operate drones, cadets begin flying in a controlled space from day one of their training.

“Schools and universities are incubators for tomorrow’s great ideas, and we think this is going to be a significant shot in the arm for innovation,” said FAA Administrator Michael Huerta during a drone conference in New Orleans.

Learn more about how you can become a School Pilot.

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