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Drones in Education

The Volaré Project is a drone program for the school environment and is being piloted at the high school level. The purpose is to integrate drones into any classroom to support a lesson and through incidental learning expose students to STEM. Drones make it possible for STEM learning to be both relevant and fun in any classroom. Learning happens when students ask questions and experiment with possible answers through ACTION which taps into their natural curiosity. With these remarkable machines, we can get students excited about any classroom lesson.

To have a successful program, a training course will certify staff and students in the safe operation and procedures to using drones in a school environment. Much like the traditional "laptop cart" that was shared between classrooms, drones can be checked out by a teacher for a period or multiple periods for use in lessons or class projects. A variety of drone types have been strategically selected to offer a variety of experiences. After an accelerated training program, teachers may utilize drones in the classroom. Students will take part in a full fledged training program to become school pilots and become eligible for piloting approved school activities. Please review our acceptable use policy if you wish to fly with us in the future.

Volaré Goals
  • Integrate drone technology with education
  • Provide students with an innovative perspective to learning
  • Provide teachers with an innovative approach to teaching
  • Promote STEM education and apply learning to real-world situations
  • Teach a safe and responsible approach to operating drones with our ASCEND training program
  • Allow teachers and students an opportunity to operate drones
  • Hold periodic events and competitions involving school pilots and their drones


To educate and prepare each student to succeed in a changing world.

Volaré is for everyone

The beauty of this project is that it’s not for one subject or one department. Drones can be used in any classroom and are only limited by the creativity of the teacher who uses them. Many schools across the nation are starting to implement drone programs. Florida uses drones to fly over simulated disaster scenes made out of legos, learn math in a high-tech bowling game that teaches scorekeeping, and learning to code using the Tickle app for iPads. Other states like Maryland, Massachusetts, and Montana have also started drone programs. We are integrating drone programming into Exploring Computer Science classes using the programming language Scratch. Check out some lesson examples and their corresponding standards below.

Drones in any Classroom?

The benefit of integrating drones into the classroom is that the experience will be engaging and fun. The outcome of this integration will be incidental learning. Students will be applying the concepts of the instruction while actively engaging with the technology. By introducing drones into the classroom experience, students have the opportunity to actively engage in learning their specific lesson content while picking up fundamental computer science concepts and developing computational thinking skills applicable to all subjects. Teachers will have the opportunity to help students make the connection. This project provides any teacher with the opportunity to integrate drones into the classroom.

We stayed up late to bring you an innovative program that will brighten your school year.

Become a School Pilot

Volaré provides all students with the opportunity to be involved. Upon achieving a school issued license, students can provide "drone services" for school activites. Activities directors, coaches, and club supervisors are looking for ways to enhance school programs. One example is with football. Coaches share video footage with their players to improve plays and study formations on the field. There is a need for quality footage for both practices and real games.

Teachers and students can become “school pilots”. Pilots will have many opportunities to practice their piloting skills with periodic events and competitions. Obstacle courses with a sequence of checkpoints will test the skills of our trained pilots and offer the opportunity for staff and students to compete with each other. With lighted checkpoints and a carefully mapped out course, pilots will be able to navigate an LED-lighted path to the finish line in an exciting end-of-year drone race hosted by Volaré.

This project ensures that students are trained to fly safely and responsibly. Really, what activity isn't looking for some quality aerial coverage of their events? In an approved school activity, students can capture video for classroom projects or help create promotional videos to boost activity enrollment.

By enrolling in a sUAS (small unmanned aerial systems) training program offered at school, cadets will be trained using the 5A and BREES models.


Seen enough? Want to request drone coverage for your next planned activity?

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