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Full Process Overview

See how it's done in the industry when providing drone services. This section includes an overview of our process from the Planning stage to Follow-up.

5A Model

The 5A Model is a guide for safety while on site. It includes things you need verify about the mission, procedures to execute, and policies regarding all operations. The 5 A's are Advise, Apprise, Avoid, Accede, and Adhere.


The BREES Model is a guide for post flight activities (do's and don'ts) and procedures for conflict resolution. BREES stands for Bullying, Respect, Encrypting, Entertainment, and Snooping.

Preflight Checklist

Preflight checklist for all planned and unplanned flights. Use this as your basic guide for prepping for the sky!

Want to get Part 107 certified?

One of the leading sUAS hubs for information and other resources is UAVCoach. If you're 16 years of age and interested in becoming certified by the FAA, visit the scholarship application for Drone Pilot Ground School.