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To have a successful program, a training course will certify staff and students in the safe operation and procedures to using drones in a school environment. Much like the traditional "laptop cart" that was shared between classrooms, drones can be checked out by a teacher for a period or multiple periods for use in lessons or class projects.

A variety of drone types have been strategically selected to offer a variety of experiences. After an accelerated training program, teachers may utilize drones in the classroom. Students will take part in a full fledged training program to become school pilots and become eligible for piloting approved school activities. A first draft of an acceptable use policy has been established.

Teachers and students become “school pilots”

By enrolling in our ASCEND pilot training program, cadets are trained to pilot safely and responsibly using the SOAR model. Training sessions will be offered after school and is open to interested candidates during the 2017-18 school year.

After passing a written test, cadets will perform a flight test for school certification. Upon passing, cadets will be upgraded to school pilots and receive a school-issued sUAS license. This is a license from the school proving they have successfully passed training to fly for school approved events. Since May 2016, the FAA has made it possible for students to fly unmanned aircraft at school without a pilot’s license or special authorization from the government. Please review our acceptable use policy to be considered for the project. Using easy-to-operate drones, cadets begin flying in a controlled space from day one of their training. 

Pilots will have many opportunities to practice their piloting skills with periodic events and competitions. Obstacle courses with a sequence of checkpoints will test the skills of our trained pilots and offer the opportunity for staff and students to compete with each other. With lighted checkpoints and a carefully mapped out course, pilots will be able to navigate an LED-lighted path to the finish line in an exciting end-of-year drone race hosted by Volaré and the RHS Flight Club.

Enrollment Request

After reviewing the acceptable use policy and submitting this request, you will be considered a cadet.

Want to get Part 107 certified?

One of the leading sUAS hubs for information and other resources is UAVCoach. If you're 16 years of age and interested in becoming certified by the FAA, visit the scholarship application for Drone Pilot Ground School.