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The Volaré IMPACT

There will be many.
  • 1. Teachers

    Teacher resources.
    Explains how Volare fulfills our district mission.
    Gives examples of curriculum and matching standards.
    Visit Curriculum Enhancement.

  • 2. Students

    Enrollment in the drone program & Flight Club.
    Education about the drone industry.
    The ASCEND training program for aspiring school pilots.
    Certification prep through Aerial Horizons.
    Seniors looking for future summer internships through Ascending Innovations.

  • 3. Family

    Drone services will invariably impact our most beloved spectators for students: family. A future goal of Volaré is to capture "hero shots" of students participating in their activities. We also want to provide live action coverage of events and activities like band and sports.

  • 4. Schools themselves

    Inclusion for student body.
    Promotional content.
    Career readiness.
    Visit Benefits & Outcomes.

  • 5. Outside organizations

    Our services include aerial imagery/video, research studies, scientific studies, surveys, etc. We will look into every possible opportunity to work with the greater community of Sioux Falls and surrounding regions.

If a drone program is something you think can impact your school in a positive way, visit the Starting Your Volaré page. Someday may we all compete with one another.


Move beyond classroom applications

* Promotional content for their own school

* Provide content for outside organizations

Video captured on the grounds of Roosevelt High School

* Equipment: Mavic Pro

* Shot with stunning 4K video

* Post production: Wondershare Filmora

Your continued sponsorship for grants like these through the Sioux Falls Education Foundation proves your support is valuable and shows great commitment to education.